Touch This Media’s mission is to provide an easy and intuitive interactive experience to every one of our users while providing a return on investment to our clients, team members and owners.

Touch This Media develops powerful applications that are easy to learn and use. We have developed a broad array of products and services that serve diverse markets.

In the midst of this diversity, there is a common thread that brings all our applications together. Each one combines a great deal of functionality with a highly intuitive user interface.


Peter Connolly

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin Mahan

Chief Technology Officer

John Grant

Business Development

Margery Connolly

Office Manager

Jarod Octon

Art Director

David Hess

Software Developer

George Zeigler

Marketing Consultant

Efren Losoya

Software Developer

Jason Land

Software Developer

Ismael Carbajal

Software Developer

Brett Heiman

Social Media Coordinator

Conor Smith

Marketing Consultant