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Intern Spotlight: Alex

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   07-16-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Touch This Media is very passionate about education and empowerment, which is why we chose to establish a seasonal intern program providing youth with valuable work experience. Summer 2014 marks the second year Touch This Media has provided an environment that helps cultivates young minds. What began with only two interns, has now grown to a group of five. To further encourage these talented individuals, we thought it would be great to write a blog series shining the spotlight upon each of them.

Allow me to introduce Alex Harvey-Capes, our very first Graphic Design intern! Given the fact that Alex is only 15 years old, it is clear that this young man is ambitious for success. Most boys or girls his age would be strictly interested in recreational activities, during the summertime, but he has chosen to utilize his break-time to learn the complexities of designing and promoting a web application from start to finish. Alex, a student at San Diego High School, was first encouraged to participate in the program by our lead developer Gavin Mahan. Gavin sparked his interest, after introducing the potential of Photoshop. With three weeks under his belt, Alex is currently determining the art direction and potential promotion for a top secret web application the intern ‘think tank’ is developing. When he’s not expanding his design knowledge here at Touch This Media, Alex enjoys playing soccer and video games such as Call of Duty. When asked what he wants to do in the future, he left the possibilities open but stated “I am enjoying graphic design, so maybe i will pursue that as a career.” Being a graphic designer myself, I have my fingers crossed he does follow through with that plan, as he shows much promise.

Be sure to check back, as I continue to introduce the rest of Touch This Media’s intern team.
Written by Jarod Octon.