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Intern Spotlight: Grant

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   07-24-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Say hello to Grant Ross the latest Touch This Media intern to be featured here on our blog. Mr. Ross is currently contributing assets to a top secret project, alongside a group of like minded interns here at Touch This Media. At the age of 18, Grant has his eyes set on furthering his overall experience and education with a plan of eventually attending UCLA. Grant was first introduced to us by our good friend and associate John Grant. When Mr. Grant found out Mr. Ross enjoys programing, he quickly offered him a job and the deal was sealed. So far Grant has developed analytic scripts and is currently working on a solution for pulling information from a specific database. Being the natural born problem solver that he is, it would seem that the apple doesn't fall far from tree since his father was an engineer. Much of his experience stems from participating in studies outside of highschool, such as a robotics class held at the University of Utah.

When Grant isn’t learning about new technologies and programming techniques, he likes to take it back to the classics by finding time to make chainmaille and intricate repetitive cross stitched patterns. His interest in such traditional activities makes sense, if you knew that his dream job is that of a professional blacksmith.


We hope you are enjoying our spotlight blogs. Stay tuned for a new spotlight next week!

Written by Jarod Octon.