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SDCC 2014 (Gallery)

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   07-28-2014   In:   Events

Thousands of fans from all over the world decended upon San Diego last weekend to join in on the annual Comic Con celebration. A melting pot of popular culture, attendees found themselves caught in an awesome visual overload of art, collectibles, cosplay and much more. Not everyone was fortunate enough to see the magic of the event first-hand. For those people who didn't attend, I have compiled a collection of photos taken from my recent adventure there. Be sure to explore the gallery for an inside look.


The calm before the storm, while the general public eagerly awaits outside.


Batman memorial statue for promotion of Batman vs Superman (2015).


Amazing detailed sculptures that were crafted on-site.


Apolocalypse and (70's era) Storm awaiting their make-up touch ups.


All hail the Doctor... DOOM!


Indiana Jones seen trying to escape the Walking Dead booth.


Zombies were in abundance, inside the convention and at Petco Park.


White Walker costume from Game of Thrones.


Replica of Back to the Future's Delorean time machine.


Sideshow collectibles latest offering of Iron Men action figures.


A giant statue of Rocket Racoon, from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.


Boba Fett (Star Wars) cosplay.


Soundwave (Transformers) cosplay.


Fans lining up for exclusives at the Nickelodeon booth.


Fans await to have their photos taken inside the Adult Swim booth.


Those who found this custom Adult Swim truck, were handed free ice cream.


Hello Kitty had many girls screaming with joy.


Cars from Sin City 2 were visible outiside the convention center.


Where lurks the Headless Horseman?


Article / Photography by Jarod Octon