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Intern Spotlight: Adam

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   08-07-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Introducing Adam Abadilla, one of two interns returning to Touch This Media this year. Adam first started contributing work to Touch This Media last summer, after applying for CONNECT’s high school internship program. The CONNECT program helps provide students with valuable industry experience and business related knowledge. With one summer under his belt, Adam has returned to help collaborate on a custom application alongside his fellow interns. Adam is currently preparing the website’s framework with responsive attributes so that each of the pages display properly when seen on different devices. With college on the horizon, he has his mind set on pursuing additional education in computer science at UCSD. It’s clear that Adam is an entrepreneur in the making, especially when you know that he envisions creating an indie game company of his own one day. 

When Mr. Abadilla isn’t coding for TTM he enjoys playing video games, attending concerts and rocking out with his bandmates. It’s no surprise that Adam has a love for music though, unless you didn’t know that he has been playing the piano ever since the first grade. Don’t worry, it’s news to me too! Those that are interested in what may inspire a person like Adam to be so ambitious might be surprised of the answer. For example, when specifically asked of his biggest inspiration Adam quoted Pokémon star: Ash Ketchum; stating “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.” Sounds like Ash had some relatable aspiration that we all could strive for.

Adam and I both agree that Touch This Media offers a supportive and friendly environment where talent is challenged and grown. Such a place is good for both the mind and spirit, which is proven when you hear Peter’s hearty Irish laugh echo throughout the office.

In the photo above, Adam can be seen playing the keys for a Del Mar Fair audience. On the far left, Connor Schultz (another recent addition to the TTM intern team) is caught jamming guitar chords. Stay tuned for his own spolight, which is coming soon. Also, be sure to show some friendly support for the band, “Heads Up Display Project,” by liking their page at www.facebook.com/hudproject.

Written by Jarod Octon.