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Intern Spotlight: Gabriel

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   08-18-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Last week I introduced one of two interns that are returning to Touch This Media this summer via CONNECT’s high school internship program, Gabriel Daggett is that other talented individual. At the age of 18, Mr. Daggett has successfully graduated from Mission Vista High School and plans to make the next great leap to California State University (Chico). While awaiting his first semester at college, Gabriel spends his weekdays collaborating with other bright young minds as a “think tank” here at Touch This Media. With a background in Java, Gabe can adapt his learning to web programming in addition to providing well guided insight related to computer science.

Like any creative person, Gabe enjoys reserving time for his hobbies to help boost his overall inspiration. Video games is one such activity Gabriel enjoys doing when not contributing to the company. In fact, he keeps his competitive appetite well fed by competing for the top spot in various LAN and online tournaments. League of Legends and Starcraft II are two specific games he plays regularly, but when it’s time for some fresh air Gabe can found on the soccer field kicking up dust.

Of course there is always that one prominent passion in a person’s life, for Mr. Daggett that interest lies with computer science. In fact, when asked of his dream job he stated that it wasn’t with a specific company rather the overall field of Artificial Intelligence...


“Whether it be creating the next auto-driving car, or building the robots of tomorrow, or even improving Siri... working with and improving the next-gen A.I. is my dream.”


Many people like to hear what inspires specific individuals to do what they do and it would appear that Gabe is influenced by leaders of the old school. Steve Wozniak, an under appreciated microcomputer pioneer, has provided priceless inspiration that helps fuel Gabriel’s ongoing interest in technology. Wozniak single-handedly designed the Apple I and Apple II computers, which helped spark the microcomputer revolution. Gabe definitely understands all that Mr. Wozniak has contributed to the industry, particularly Apple, perhaps with such an understanding the student can now build and expand upon the teacher’s accomplishments.

Be sure to connect with Gabe by following his daily adventures and creative endeavors on Instagram. You may wanna befriend this young man before he establishes an actual Cyberdyne Systems of his own and creates the first Skynet. Perhaps you can encourage him to create a friendly A.I. instead of the Terminator we all know? Stay tuned for the final intern spotlight!

Written by Jarod Octon.