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Intern Spotlight: Connor

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   09-05-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Introducing Connor Schultz, a recent graduate of Mission Vista High School. Mr. Schultz is among three talented young men who have recently joined Touch This Media’s intern program this summer. He first learned of the company and our endeavors through his friends Adam and Gabriel, both returning interns from the previous summer.

Like his fellow intern buddies, Connor has been contributing work towards a new application that will remain a secret until it’s ready for a public wide release. So far he has helped program the project by gathering information from specific databases. In addition, he has provided insight that has helped develop certain design aspects for the project. His time spent at the TTM headquarters has been very productive to say the least. The general atmosphere could be one reason for such quality output, as Connor mentioned that “everyone here is very friendly.” Glad to hear that Connor!

When this Oceanside resident isn’t participating with the intern team, he can be found hanging out with his close friends and playing video games. In addition, Connor loves to play guitar. His interest in music isn’t just a solo routine though, he’s also a member of the group Heads Up Display Project. In fact, this is the same band that fellow TTM intern Adam Abadilla plays with. I imagine that Adam must have shared some convincing information about our creative endeavors and happenings here at Touch This Media. Thanks for accepting our invitation Connor, you’re hard work is appreciated.

With an interest in video game development, Mr. Schultz plans to major in computer science this fall at UCSD. In fact, Connor has even made a couple games of his own. One being an adventure themed game inspired from Diablo (seen above) and another that is a first person shooter game (seen below), both created while he was still in high school. The feeling he acquired seeing people enjoyfully play his games was very rewarding for Connor. Such reactions are what I’d imagine what currently motivates him to pursue his dream job as a video game developer.

In closing I’d like to name drop Connor’s father, Steve Schultz. As an employee of the Mira Costa College IT department, Steve has set a golden standard for hard work and intelligence which Connor could look upon for inspiration while growing up. Such influence should be commended, especially now that Connor steadily shines as a result of his own hard work and sacrifice. Let’s be honest, how many 18 year olds do you know that have willingly sacrificed their summer vacation to further their own education and overall work experience? I don’t know about you but my count is pretty low. So it’s no wonder that when I asked Connor of his biggest inspiration he stated, “my dad.”

Written by Jarod Octon