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Intern Spotlight: Alex

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   07-16-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Touch This Media is very passionate about education and empowerment, which is why we chose to establish a seasonal intern program providing youth with valuable work experience. Summer 2014 marks the second year Touch This Media has provided an environment that helps cultivates young minds. What began with only two interns, has now grown to a group of five. To further encourage these talented individuals, we thought it would be great to write a blog series shining the spotlight upon each of them.

Tags: internship, intern, behind the scenes, think tank

Intern Spotlight: Grant

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   07-24-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Say hello to Grant Ross the latest Touch This Media intern to be featured here on our blog. Mr. Ross is currently contributing assets to a top secret project, alongside a group of like minded interns here at Touch This Media. Click the "Read More" link to learn more about Mr. Ross.

Tags: internship, intern, think tank

Intern Spotlight: Adam

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   08-07-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Introducing Adam Abadilla, one of two interns returning to Touch This Media this year. Adam first started contributing work to Touch This Media last summer, after applying for CONNECT’s high school internship program. The CONNECT program helps provide students with valuable industry experience and business related knowledge. With one summer under his belt, Adam has returned to help collaborate on a custom application alongside his fellow interns. Click the "Read More" button below to learn more about Adam.

Tags: internship, intern, think tank

Intern Spotlight: Gabriel

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   08-18-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Last week I introduced one of two interns that are returning to Touch This Media this summer via CONNECT’s high school internship program, Gabriel Daggett is that other talented individual. At the age of 18, Mr. Daggett has successfully graduated from Mission Vista High School and plans to make the next great leap to California State University (Chico). While awaiting his first semester at college, Gabriel spends his weekdays collaborating with other bright young minds as a “think tank” here at Touch This Media. Click the "Read More" button below to learn more about Gabe.

Tags: internship, intern, think tank

Intern Spotlight: Connor

By:  Jarod Octon   Date:   09-05-2014   In:   Behind the Scenes

Introducing Connor Schultz, a recent graduate of Mission Vista High School. Mr. Schultz is among three talented young men who have recently joined Touch This Media’s intern program this summer. He first learned of the company and our endeavors through his friends Adam and Gabriel, both returning interns from the previous summer. Click the link below to read more about Connor and his current endeavors.

Tags: internship, intern, think tank