Casinos use our kiosks as a state-of-the-art loyalty program to attract new and existing customers via Fantasy Sports and Holiday Themed Games.

Fantasy Sports attract an upwardly mobile demographic with a lot of disposable income. Casinos have identified a 55 year old female as their best demographic. Our Holiday Themed Games are designed to appeal to that specific market.

Casino IT Personnel and Marketing Directors across the board tell us they especially like how easy it is to roll our games into action.

That’s because all participating casinos receive our proprietary Easy Play System. It completely eliminates the intrusive and costly expense of accessing the player club database. All players are authenticated directly through Easy Play.

This means promotions can be launched very quickly. In the end, it all leads to easy implementation for IT and Marketing, and maximum return for the casino.



Please pop us an email should you wish to have conversation around how you can cash-in on the tremendous popularity of Fantasy Sports.