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Sporting events are some of the most beloved, widely followed interests that we share as a country. There are an estimated 244 million sports enthusiasts (Nielsen 2013) in the United States with over 50 million adults who play fantasy sports (FSTA 2015).

Casino Fantasy Network, a division of Touch This Media and a sister company of Fantasy Sports Gaming Network, operates a vast array of fantasy sports & predictive sports solutions including cash entry and zero consideration, 24/7 in-venue & online sports entertainment experiences to attract, entertain and drive those fans to casino locations across the nation. CFN is focused on providing secure and transparent solutions designed for full compliance with emerging state regulations as they pertain to fantasy sports.

Wall-to-Wall Solutions

Casino Fantasy Network offers a wide range of sports-centric gaming solutions that can operate in social, promotional and pay to play capacities. Whether the games are deployed on kiosks, online or mobile, you have the ability to connect with your customers on and off property like never before.

Mobile Daily Fantasy Sports & Promotional Fantasy Sports: Emerge your brand socially & connect with customers on the fly to drive them into your locations through mobile ready sports-based cash entry & promotional contests.

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YourGame USA Predictive Sports Contests: Attract new patrons and keep customers at your location for longer sessions. Predictive contests allow you to connect with your patrons for hours at a time, not minutes. Patrons play on their personal device at your location using geolocation.

The Works

Kiosk & Mobile DFS and Promotional Fantasy Sports: Reap the benefits of our most comprehensive solution which combines pay to play, promotional & social games on both mobile devices & kiosks which can seamlessly interface within existing organizational framework. An in-venue and online service where members can enjoy fantasy sports with friends, family and other members. Members play for cash and can earn cash prizes and comps that can be redeemed at your locations.

...soon more Americans will play fantasy sports than real sports.
- Mark Cuban
USA Today, 2016

Live Events

Stage single and multi-day LIVE FANTASY SPORTS CONTESTS at your venue . Fill your floor with customers hoping for a chance at the grand prize. Patrons must be on location to participate and they play on their personal device. Contestants play multiple individual fantasy contests and add the total points earned from each contest to tally their grand total.

Results are generated and winners announced in location that same day. We handle everything- the game, scoring and results generation. You can even announce the winner the same day. We also provide multi-day events and even season-long events.

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Embrace patrons’ competitive nature by letting them compete for bragging rights & show off who is on top with a leaderboard module. Add a web based live leaderboard at your locations. Patrons will have the ability to see how their contest is progressing. Live leaderboards enhance the in-location experience while keeping patrons in their seats longer. This solution is more suitable for your larger locations.

Industry Stats

  • Half of all women & 75% of all men are sports fans
  • 70% of the 18-29 year old demographic are fans
  • 60 million fantasy players in North America
  • Fantasy players spend nearly $30 billion annually

Game Features

  • Sports based promotional, pay to play & social games
  • Mobile, desktop & kiosk ready
  • Multi-property mega contests
  • Weekend-long in-venue events

Product Features

  • Players Club authentication & integration
  • Cash entry and promotional offerings
  • Private and public contests
  • Scalable solutions
  • Multiple revenue streams


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